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Success: The New Paradigm

Excerpt from Allowing YOUR Success! (c) (p) 2009-14 Terez/Allowing YOUR Success & BEYOND! Media, Inc.  All rights reserved

From Destination Fixation to ENJOYING the Journey!

Conventional Success  – The Old Paradigm: Destination Fixation

We have stepped into a new era for humanity where so many things about our lives and the way we live are changing and will continue to change.  Things are shifting economically and spiritually on a global level, and many are discovering that the old ideas about success--and how to go about getting it--no longer seem to produce the results that they once did.  Even when you examine the realm of conventional success, the only thing that has been a constant is CHANGE. For example:

In the agricultural age, success was defined as having a booming crop, being able to get a fair trade for the (literal) fruits of one's labor, producing lots of healthy children (AKA free help) and feeding one’s family.

In the industrial age, success meant producing more products faster than anyone else, and whoever put in the longest workday won. Even wealthy inventors and business owners like Thomas Edison and Dale Carnegie prided themselves on their grueling hours and schedules.

In modern times, many of us have defined success as acquiring lots of stuff, getting on the VIP list, having a beautiful physique and being surrounded by beautiful people.

In all cases, the belief about the how part of success has changed little; work hard, get rewarded. No wonder so few people know how to consciously allow success!

Yes, achieving conventional success has its rewards, but many have discovered that when you live solely for the shiny objects, status or defining moments and derive your happiness and sense of self-worth from these things alone, many joyful nows are lost in the name of destination fixation.  My question to you is this: Why not focus on the fun, feel-good things and experiences that give you a sense of direction and purpose AND allow yourself to ENJOY the day-to-day journey along the way?

It’s time to thrive and shine--and embrace a new paradigm!

Authentic Success  – The New Paradigm: Enjoying the Journey (JOY)

After delving deeply into my own desires and definition of success, I discovered that every single intention humans currently have—or have ever had—is based around one thing and one thing only: fulfilling what I call the BPI (Big Picture Intention) which is:


Take a moment to consider one of your intentions/goals right now.  There are few things that I am willing to define in absolutes, but I will go "on record" with this one: Whether you want a thing (new car, house, etc.) an experience (an amazing vacation, a great relationship or a career you truly love) or a slimmer, healthier, more confident version of you,
every single goal is based on an end result of feeling better (and ultimately good) about yourself, experiencing some level of fun along the way, and expanding your horizons by discovering something new!

And when you simplify the BPI even further folks, it all boils down to this:  You want to ENJOY the journey of your life.

The Leverage of Authentic Success: Clarity, Focus and Excellence

When you allow yourself to feel good now and every step you make and every action you take raidates from clarity, focus and excellence, you tap into a leverage and level of efficiency that truly can and will rock your world! Instead of investing thousands of hours or dollars trying to find the right ideas or solutions at the right time, hunting endlessly for the right people or person, or undergoing countless cycles of trial and error to get results:

  • You consistently find yourself in the right place at the right time with the right people, sharing the right words and knowing when to send that e-mail, make that call or show up at the event

  • When a challenge arrises or something takes the wind out of your sails, you are able to discover solutions and feel better in record time

  • You naturally choose food, beverages and activities that are conducive to your well-being and health/fitness goals

  • You know when and how much to spend to keep your finances in balance

  • You are more able to recognize the potential and positive aspects of others and experience more rewarding relationships and true cooperation across the board

  • You find yourself on the most scenic, fun and clear path to everything that matters to YOU!

In short, you begin to feel (and know) that life really has your back, and rather than your customers, sweetheart, friends and family only getting what is left of you, everyone can now get the BEST of you!

Self-love IS Success.  Adventure and Expansion IS Success. 

Imagine how you life and body could feel--and what you could accomplish--if you woke up loving and accepting who you are every day?

What if your life became an ongoing FUN adventure filled with discovering new places, experiences, gifts and skills on a regular basis?

How delicious would your life be if your mission was to savor, share and express JOY as much as possible?

What if your thoughts, words, actions and interactions originated from clarity, focus and excellence for the benefit of ALL?

Imagine if you tasted true freedom and no longer needed to wait for the world to change for you to feel good, to truly thrive and get to experience life on YOUR terms?

This, my friends, is how life can feel and what can happen when you start Allowing YOUR Success.

The Bottom Line on Success—The New Paradigm & the NEW Math

Don't get me wrong, I love my bling and deeply enjoy having and doing all-things-fabulous, but now that my eyes have been opened to knowing that the journey really IS the destination and that success can be enjoyed and experienced EVERY day, life has become far more meaningful, far more prosperous and far more magical than I ever dreamed possible.

...So if you would like to expand your definition of success, try the new math:


The Journey = The Destination


The Destination = Success



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Copyright (c) 2011 TEREZ HARTMANN. All Rights Reserved.